About Martyrdom of Allama Muhammad Nawaz Irfani

Maulana Sheikh Nawaz Irfani , a widely respected scholar embraced martyrdom when Yazidi terrorists opened fire on him near his residence in the E-11 sector of the federal capital of Islamabad. Maulana was the prayer leader for several years in the Markazi Jamia Masjid of Parachinar.Shaheed Maulana Irfani’s body was shifted shortly from PIMS Islamabad to Jamia Imam Sadiq Islamabad where his namaz-e-janaza oppered in the morning at 9 am.As ISIS and SSP former Taliban are active in Anti-Shia mission, so that one can get rid of their rival on the other hand a strong competitor against each other and engaged valuable people may be, at any time, so that the strongest rival to defeating them in case of attack, Turi and Bangash tribes in the Kurram Agency, they have tried for several years that it is not like other tribes to defeat. Allama Mohammad Irfani Khateeb central mosque Parachinar was killed in Sector E-11 Islamabad on November 26 between seven and eight o’clock was shot and killed. Who and for what purpose he was murdered, not the hundreds but thousands of Shia religious scholars, dignitaries, officers, etc, killed in Pakistan alone; our problem as a mystery whose solution could neither today nor yet could be prevented. Although the killing of Shaheed Allama Muhammad Nawaz Irfani has claimed responsibility for the terrorist organization, but do not kill just as Shia Targeting behind but be driven more dangerous ambitions.Parachinarians & the resident of the Kurram Agency belongs to brave families, mourners, and other stakeholders to gather information via telephone to take some conclusions, which are offering readers.Hangu religious Scholars who attended the funeral of the martyr, when they are contacted about it they said that Shaheed son Mr. Mahdi Irfani said that “My father targeted near seven o’clock.” I asked my father, “let`s go together” but he did not accept.  Adding more he said that the street behind the house which leads to the main road. Mahdi Irfani also added that around eight o’clock it was reported by phone that his father injured and take to PIMS hospital in Islamabad. He rushed to the hospital immediately when he saw wounded and covered in blood could not realize that the injuries were believed to clean the blood of my father.Data From Different WebsitesThousands of Shia Muslims including hundreds of Sunni Muslims attended the funeral prayer of Shia Scholar  Allama Nawaz Irfani, who was assassinated by takfiri terrorists of Ahl-e-Sunnat-Wal-Jamaat in Islamabad.Martyr Allama Nawaz Irfani who was representative of Grand Ayatollah Syed Ali al-Sistani in Pakistan.Senior Shia scholar Hujjat Islam Allama Shifa Najafi led the funeral prayer at Imam Bargah Imam Sadiq (AS) in Sector G-9 Islamabad on Thursday 27 Nov 2014.The mourners raised the slogans of Labbaik Ya Hussain (AS).They also condemned the terrorist attack on Shia Scholar.Leading Shia political party, Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen’s delegation represented their supporters at the funeral.A coffin of the martyr was taken to Parachinar for burial because of the deep love of the Shiites of Parachinar for their beloved Friday prayer leader Allama Shaikh Nawaz Irfani who originally hailed from Gilgit-Baltistan province.

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